Bespoke Furniture, Upcycling and how it can Transform You!


I don’t know about you but there are some things I can’t throw away. Be it old Birthday cards from friends and family or the first bunch of flowers I received from my boyfriend. However, there are old items and pieces of furniture that can be held close again. This week whilst sorting out an old loft, I reflected upon how our most favourite and cherished possessions can be kept and reinvented in the process.

In recent years bespoke items have flourished in popularity and individuality. There may have been fewer dollars in the pocket of many of us since the latter of the naughties but on the bright side creativity has bloomed. Many an article or campaign has showcased ways in which to save the pennies. Each a creative one…


11-18-2012 010


However, one that helps you to express your personality and puts the smile your face – is upcycling! Welcome to 2014! What could you do to update and refresh a room? Find and create something new from something old. One simple change to a room can simply transform it and your mood in the process. Plus, upcycling and bespoke items are fun!

Ways to upcycle can involve using a refreshing colour to brighten up an old chair.




Gluing some funky fabric to a worn out wardrobe.




Or simply recovering a piece of furniture of your choice!




Have children? Why not reuse an old piece of furniture to create a new place for them to explore?




Plus, check out your new… Bathsofa!?




The possibilities are endless, like a ball of string! Only limited by your passion and imagination for the extraordinary! If you like to be different go for it!




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